ZUMBA® basic

There's strength in numbers. True statement,

especially in our group classes. 

Have you tried a Zumba® class? Do you know that our classes are mostly done in the dark with some party lighting?  Chances are, there's also one to fit your schedule perfectly. Even better, they're packed with motivated, not-afraid-to-sweat people who'll inspire and push you.  The longer you wait, the further away you are from reaching your fitness goals. Those calories aren't burning themselves.  Make the commitment to be healthy.  We'll be your motivator, every salsa step of the way! 

Check it out!  Offering  Zumba® classes in:

* Azilda: Franco Nord (Mon & Wed @ 6:30pm)

New Sudbury: Jean-Ethier Blais school  (Mon & Wed @ 7:15pm)

​*Southend: Helene-Gravel school (Tues & Thurs @ 7pm)

​*Downtown: Jeanne Sauve school (Saturdays @ 10:15am)

​*kids aged 11-15yrs can attend if accompanied by a parent





Perfect for our younger Zumba® fans! Kids 4-10 years old get the chance to be active and jam out to their favorite music.  We offer a family-oriented class so parents and kids can

workout together!

​Classes coming soon!

STRONG by Zumbacombines high intensity interval training with the science of Synced Music Motivation. In every class, music and moves sync in a way that pushes you past your perceived limits, to reach your fitness goals faster.

​(Saturdays at 9:15am)

Check it out here!

SCHOOL, CORPORATE OR PARTIES?  Yes, we do that too!  Call us for a quote!

Zumba® Gold

The easy-to-follow program lets you move to the beat at your own speed. It’s an invigorating, community-oriented dance-fitness class that feels fresh, and most of all exhilarating! Zumba® Gold classes provide modified, low-impact moves for active older adults. 

Tuesday @ 11:00 am at the Parkside Center (same building as the YMCA).  Only $5.00!


Perfect For those who want to party, but put extra emphasis on toning and sculpting to define those muscles!
How It Works
The challenge of adding resistance by using Zumba® Toning Sticks (or light weights), helps you focus on specific muscle groups, so you (and your muscles) stay engaged!
Lightweight maraca-like Toning Sticks enhances sense of rhythm and coordination, while toning target zones, including arms, core and lower body.(FREE! Thursdays!)

​*Yes, we offer FREE Zumba Toning classes.  You will need to bring your own toning sticks.  You can purchase them for $20.00 (used) or $35.00 (new) for the 1.5lbs.  If you need something more challenging, we have larger sticks (2.5lbs) for $45.00.  You can order your sticks here: