With some COVID restrictions being lifted as Ontario moves to Stage 1, we will be able to resume Outdoor Classes as of Friday, June 11th.  These classes will be limited to 10 participants only.  You must register for the classyou would like to attend in person.  This will be on a first come, first serve basis.  You MUSTregister first to attend the class.  Once registration has been received, your spot will be confirmed via email.   You will need to pay for your spot to secure it in advance of the class.  There will be no refunds (transfers only if cancelled due to weather).  

Current outdoor class offerings:

Tues Gold Toning and Thurs Gold @ 10am.  $5.00/class or you can use your black punch card.  (New Sudbury)

Tues Zumba @ 6:30pm.  $10.00/class. (Garson- Northeastern)