We hear some incredible success stories of people who decided to take that one first step into our class and it ended up changing their life. 

This month, we are featuring a super dedicated and truly inspirational member, VICKI!. 

Check out her story!

Sending you a few pics before and during. The before pic was taken in Feb 2013 a year before I joined Zumba. I'm saddened today to see the "old me." I was 57 years old then. Joined Zumba in 2014ish? Anyway you need to know what was going through my mind day 1 of Zumba. It took a lot to push myself as I embarked on this journey to a healthier me. "What am I thinking? I can...'t do this. I'll be the joke of the room. All eyes will be on me. I'm an embarrassment to myself!" So many negative thoughts, but I knew I had to start somewhere. My daughter in law gave me a free Zumba pass she had from an event in the Valley. I did it. I walked in and saw this beautiful, fit, woman sitting on stage greeting everyone. I made my way and was greeted with "Hello! Welcome!" I handed the free pass to her and she introduced herself. "My name is Christina, is this your first visit?" I made my way to the back of the gym and stood there nervously waiting for this to begin and END! Well I stumbled through the hour of sweat and workout! Overdressed was I? Oh yeah! As I was leaving (as quickly as I could) I convinced myself I couldn't do it! As I reached the front of the gym you sought me out and genuinely asked me how I liked it! Not much with words(I was shy as an overweight person). You encouraged me to give it some time and that you hope to see me next time. No pressure. No judging! Fast forward to today. Same positivity. As I witness new participants arrive for the first time, ( as I now stand in the 2nd row, and not so shy!) you greet them all as you did me. How encouraging. You, your program, and your kick ass lovely team, have all played a pivotal role in my journey. Zumba, Pound, Strong by Zumba! I am still in disbelief sometime when I see the person in the mirror smiling back at me. I thank you, my family thanks, you, and above all...I am super proud of ME! 61 years young next month! Bring it on!!!! [💕] [💃] 🏻 [🏃] 🏽‍♀️ [💪] 🏻.